Thyroid Extract, a Controversial Self Help Supplement?

Feeling a bit lack lustre lately, putting on weight and more?  Assuming that you used to be in good health, had high joie de vivre and have not undergone hospitalisation for major surgical or other procedures and you are not suffering from goitre (swelling of the thyroid gland) caused by iodine deficiency, do most of the following apply you? • Do you wake up each morning always feeling tired and listless even after a good night’s sleep? • Do you yawn a lot for no apparent reason during the day and is your pulse rate a bit slower? • Are you getting complaints from your partner about you snoring more than usual? • Is your weight slowly climbing and has your diet stopped working? • Ladies, is your hormone replacement therapy a dead loss and your libido low? • Are you suffering from unexplained hair loss, brittle nails and face a bit puffy? • Have you lost the outer third of your eyebrows? • Has your skin texture worsened and your voice become hoarse and gravelly? • Do you get constipation more often? • Are you more moody and depressed than usual? • Do you feel worthless and have low self-esteem? • Ladies, are menstrual cramps worse and more frequent? • Do you suffer from vertigo (balance problems)? • Do you get mental blanks, wondering what you went upstairs for? • Do you get hypothermic (cold) even though everybody else thinks the room is nice and warm? • Have you got tendon / muscular pains and conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome? • Have you got early stage osteoporosis • Are your thyroid function tests said to be “Normal”? doc Then there is a good chance that you are not suffering from “old age coming on”, as your friends put it, but from mildly under-active thyroid processes which need slight encouragement and re-fuelling in some way. Thyroid function results, (and there are several different tests possible), in the past have had notoriously wide ranges of values inside which your result is considered to be normal. So you could be at the bottom of the range on several different tests, and be deemed to be functioning adequately. Nevertheless it is possible that you could have some of the symptoms listed above, which are caused by slightly under-active thyroid related processes, even though the test results are allegedly “normal”.  If you hear the phrases “it’s normal” or “it’s possibly a virus making you fatigued” or “it’s possibly a syndrome” applied to your condition then it might go away if left alone or you could be left in limbo without any further treatments available to you. Thyroid processes are complex and currently treatments are internationally controversial. They involve many sites in the body, which communicate with each other by chemical messengers, hormones, sent out initially by part of the brain. Thyroid extracts give you a naturally sourced selection of these messengers, including the important T3 hormone (that’s triiodothyronine). bread T3  is welcomed at the T3 receptors of every cell in the body, including brain cells, where it essential for all cells to function correctly. Without T3 your metabolism slows down, you feel cold, you get a bit heavier and cell replacement weakens so you suffer from brittle nails, hair loss and you feel fatigued with many if not all of depressing symptoms listed above. Traces of selenium and the vitamin B range are believed to be essential for efficient thyroid processes and a balanced diet is recommended as a first step to self help.  EC wheat which the UK has to use is said to be selenium deficient compared to the American wheat we used years ago and attention to this aspect may be beneficial for aching joints, the lubricant of which is said to require minute amounts of selenium for its production. As with all supplements and advice on the internet, always consult your doctor before attempting self diagnosis and medicating. Thyroid processes in particular are very sensitive and you could put your health at risk and thyroid extracts should perhaps not be taken as a long term solution. This article has been researched using  present sources available on the internet. Further reading 

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